Vintage Electronic Rental

Vintage Electronic Rental

Vintage Electronic Rental

Whether you are in the movie, tv or radio business, sometimes your job requires a time-period piece of furniture. The HiFi Clinic is not only the stereo console experts, we also offer vintage electronic rental for use as props in the greater Chicago area.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has a deep bench of available equipment to meet your business needs.

We specialize in vintage stereo consoles, vintage tvs, vintage microphones and vintage speakers, all in working order.  O

Stereo Consoles

Grundig KS 750 – 1965  A classic MCM look for any production focusing on King Daley the First, especially during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Grundig 9065 – 1958 – The roaring 50’s were a time when home audio systems hit the stage and the nuclear age came home to middle America.

Vintage TVs

Zenith 19R22 – 1955

Zenith 22R21 – 1955

Vintage Accessories

Grundig C410 – 1973


Microphone – Want to show a young Roy Leonard behind the microphone or Jack Brickhouse broadcasting Bears games from Wrigley Field? This is your mic!


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