Why we exist – Vintage Stereo Console

Why we exist

Why we exist

This is the story of why we exist. In 1962, a daughter gifted to her parents for their 25th wedding anniversary a state-of-the art Grundig stereo console. The memories created by gathering round the stereo to hear the dawn of rock-and-roll lasted a lifetime. Musical focus shifted to the individual over the group by the dawn of the digital age in 1998 when a new generation discovered the Grundig stereo.

For 15 years, the HiFi Clinic’s founder displayed, stored and otherwise ignored the Grundig stereo because of sentimental value, rather than pragmatic usefulness. A new generation’s vinyl curiosity resulted in our founder dreaming to restore this mid-century modern classic to its former glory.

Mentored by blogs, YouTube and a Holiday Inn Express, the HiFi Clinic founder devoted his unused basement to establish a workshop. Hence, after the initial electronic restoration step resulted in the sweet sound of The Outfield, the HiFi Clinic was born!

Turning the dream into reality

Today, the HiFi Clinic has successfully restored stereo consoles, tvs, radios, turntables, cassette players, not only saving them from becoming landfill, but also creating amazing experiences through music and style. In this digital age of Whatsapp messaging, Facebook comments and virtual reality experience, the HiFi Clinic is bringing analog quality back to the human experience.

We’re inspired by the experience of sitting around a turntable with a group of good friends. We’re mesmerized by the experience of watching the World Series on a CRT TV.  Furthermore, we’re passionate about discussing the national, Chicago and music industry issues of the day. The Me Society is dead and the We Society is alive!

We believe that the human experience should still include dreams. We make those dreams possible by turning dreams into memories. Learn how to select a stereo console for your life. Follow us on social media to stay updated all the time!

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