Vinyl For Life

Vinyl For Life

We love vinyl. No vinyl, no life. Got it? Good. Vinyl for Life.

Once you have your stereo console picked out, fixed up and delivered, you need some vinyl! We have been collecting for many years and have collected a lot of insights to help you build your own collection.

Besides the local record stores, which we love, there are other ways to acquire the perfect record for your taste. Without further ado, here are our favorite ways to build your record collection. Vinyl for life.

Vinyl Subscription Services – Do you want a record mailed to you every month? Well, yes, but there are some tricks to finding the right service for you.

Vinyl Exclusive Pressings – Are you into collecting special editions of your favorite artists? Get your checkbook and your patience ready.

Vinyl Exclusive Retailers – You thought that record stores were the only game in town? Big Retail is jumping on the bandwagon, whether you noticed or not.

Lilly Hiatt looking good on vinyl

Record Store Day