About Stereo Consoles

Grundig KS 750

Ever had questions about vintage stereo consoles? We have invested our time over years to learn everything you ever wanted to know about vintage stereos. It’s all brought together here for your benefit!

About Vintage Stereo Consoles

The series is divided into three sections: Buy, Fix and Sell.  For the Buy section, if you are looking to acquire your first vintage electronic equipment, this is a great place to start. Once you’ve acquired something and have a problem or want to attempt restoration yourself, check out the Fix series. Finally, the sell series is for those who have a vintage piece of equipment, usually as part of an estate, and don’t know what to do with it.

How To Buy

  1. Buying a vintage stereo console – Our seminal piece that details all the choices you have to think about before deciding which stereo console to seek. Our most popular How To article.
  2. Buying a vintage CRT TV – While they might not be back in vogue yet, a CRT TV is a centerpiece to watch local digital broadcast channels, stream your favorite YouTube video over Chromecast or play Rock Band with your children.

How To Fix

  1. Fixing Mechanical issues – Visit this topic if you believe that you have a mechanical problem, which usually occurs in turntables, cassette players and radio dial tuners.  Most of those issues are mechanical in nature.
  2. Fixing Electronic issues – Although it can be scary to try to resolve an electronic issue, many of these issues can be corrected if you have some basic electronic skills and tools.
  3. Fixing Refinishing issues – Many a homeowner thinks that refinishing is the easy part. It can be, but without the proper tools and knowledge, a simple project can turn into a failed experiment.

How To Sell

  1. Selling an inherited vintage stereo console – Have a vintage stereo on your hands and want to ensure it finds a good home? We have simple tips for you to maximize your return while minimizing the time it’s homeless.

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