How Much to Pay for a Vintage Stereo Console

How much to pay for a vintage stereo console

How much to pay for a vintage stereo console?

Now that you’ve decided why you want to buy a vintage stereo console and evaluated how to choose a vintage stereo console, the final step is how much to pay for a vintage stereo console. We provide guidance based upon our expertise watching the market for the last 5 years.  Of course, your budget may vary.

Suggested Price Ranges

  • Entry Level – An upright, Grundig console that has a boxed look is a great starter because all the pieces are there to find out if you will use the stereo before making a bigger investment. There’s usually a small amount of storage and not a lot of space required.  Great to hand down to a college student at a later date.  Refurbished: $300-$400 – Unrefurbished: Free-$50
  • Middle Value – Usually a more horizontal piece that’s on the early side of MCM. People who have already seen someone with one or have an old record collection often start here because they’re more committed to playing vinyl and creating memories with their family and friends. Great to also have as the workhorse in a game room if upgrading to the Mad Men level.  Refurbished: $500-$750 – Unrefurbished: $50-$150
  • Mad Men – This is the Dom Draper and Peggy Olson level show piece that you find in the finer suburban homes of 1968. Usually between 1965 and 1970 low boy centerpiece in great condition and a top-loading turntable. High-gloss exterior in great original condition that your guests should be afraid to touch. This piece will stay with a family for 50+ years.  Refurbished: $800-$2,000+ – Unrefurbished: $100-$450


Well, that’s the end of our complete guide to buying a vintage stereo console.  We have many satisfied customers who are turning their dreams into memories. Please let us know what you would like to see added to our guide.