Studio Clinic

HiFi Clinic Studio

Studio Clinic

Looking for the perfect place to record an episode of your vlog while on the road in Chicago? Need a place to shoot a commercial where the space is raw, but inviting? The HiFi Clinic offers a space for recording your professional content.

The HiFi Clinic is the regular home of the HiFi Critics, a group of concerned citizens that mix humor, wit and lack of knowledge to cover national politics, Chicago topics and vinyl themes.  Let the good times roll!  However, we have a space available for you to be all that you can be and at a fair price!

Our studio clinic is outfitted with all the necessities:

  • LED Lighting – Multiple lights to eliminate undesirable shadows.
  • Comfortable Chairs – Perfect for all sized performers.
  • Brick Backdrop – An authentic look for any multimedia recording.
  • Changeable Vinyl Display – Send a clear message about your content with this fan favorite.
  • Green Hallway – Better than a green room because just off camera for exciting interactions.
  • Teleprompter – State-of-the-art teleprompter connected to the cloud for dynamic updates.
  • Recycling Garbage Can – Dump all your trash in and let the local creatives sort the trash for you!
  • Temperature Control – Space heat for the winter and wear shorts in the summer for ultimate comfort.

For availability, contact us at least 2 weeks in advance.  Tours are available most weekend days.

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