Selling Vintage Grundig Stereo Console

Selling Vintage Grundig Stereo Console

When you are selling vintage Grundig stereo console where the console or tv lights up, let us know because we buy if you have a Grundig for sale hand me downs in your family and are in the Midwest, Central California or Arizona.

Models that we love:

Grundig SO 302 – A classic compact style that is the perfect starter for a burgeoning audiophile. We pay $80 for one of these that has power and all parts available.

Grundig KS 620 – The MCM workhorse that fits your planned Mad Men style dreams.  Our budget for these of $50 is lower due to the quantity of them available in the market.

Grundig KS 720 –

Grundig KS 750 – This U-boat of a stereo can blow your Ducati driving neighbor out of the water. The downside is the long wall required to house one of these, which is why we offer $125.

Grundig 59M20 – A rarity in the world of vintage consoles and rarely has the complete TV component available. Nonetheless, we offer $200 for one that gets power and has all the parts.

Our buyer agents are well versed in the quality of your pieces for sale and will advise of alternate sale channels if we aren’t the right fit for you.