Grundig KS 750 Stereo Console

Grundig KS 750

Grundig KS 750 Stereo Console

We acquired this beautiful Grundig KS 750 Stereo Console in Racine, Wisconsin from the original owner who was raising money in a local fundraiser. The beauty of this stereo console is that the turntable loading is on the top and the great shiny gloss surface.

Original Condition:

Locarno 1/U restored

Locarno 1/U label

Restored and Cleaned Up

Here is the Locarno in my office with a few of my favorite records dressing it up a bit.  Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union, Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville and Numero Group – Boricua de Chicago.

Locarno 1/U - Office

Below the electronic controls, there’s a space for storing records and other things.  I believe you could store about 50 records in that space.  Ahhhh…

Here’s a link to the Radio Museum’s listing for the Grundig KS 750.