Record Store Day

Record Store Day

Deserving their own dedicated page, we have the Record Store Day of the granddaddy of all vinyl days: Record Store Day. This day is dedicated to support the independent record stores around the world. Devoted to exclusive vinyl releases, first run releases and music, expect a celebration.

The List

The record store day honchos post the Spring list the first week of March and the holiday list in early October on We usually see it first on Twitter and then dive into the list. There are many updates from the day that the first list goes live until the the day the sale happens.

The list changes because at the time of printing, there are records that haven’t yet been confirmed, are ones that will be pulled and are others that are known, but the quantity isn’t known. Those are usually the cashgrabbers out there.

David Bowie Cashgrab from the 2020 Record Store Day

Focus on the most important part of the list: the exclusive or regional releases. Those are the only ones that you shouldn’t see again during a RSD. The First Run list is just an attempt to fill out the number of titles available on that day. First Run means that this is the first time that the issue is available, but that an unlimited number of additional copies will be released in the near future.


The unofficial start of Spring begins with anticipation of the day ahead. Getting in line before dawn yields the best chance to grab one of the most limited pressings and sample the free donuts inside.

Before the doors open, most record store owners/managers appear to tell the enthusiasts in queue what is the process once the store opens. Is it take up to one of everything or only five total or a royal rumble. When the doors open, the butterflies rise highest until you get to the record bins.

Record Store Day at Dave’s Records in Chicago

After your record haul is secured, hang around to talk about what you scored, try a second record store to fill out your collection or listen to some music. The day

Black Friday

Made in America, Black Friday is the last Friday in November. It is an opportunity for many Americans to dig a deeper hole in the drive for financial independence and retirement. But we digress. It’s also a day to go out and buy gifts for the high holidays in December.

Record Store Day Black Friday (RSDBF) follows that lead by publishing a record list that leans toward established, well-known artists and special editions from their archives. Think Jimi Hendrix dressed as Santa on a picture disk special. Ugh.

But the night is darkest just before the dawn and there are still some good releases for people who would rather buy their family member a tie and a record for themselves. You’ve earned it, vinyl jockey!

The RSDF lines are shorter than in April. The atmosphere is less of a vinyl community party and more of a stop in your holiday gift buying spree.

Don’t forget to see how else to find a vinyl exclusive release.