Entry Level UltraDeck Turntable – £995

American audio company, MoFi Electronics, has released the mid-range priced turntable that you didn’t really need.  Allegedly a “high-caliber sound at a value price”, be prepared to spend a lot of money on this modern turntable.

High-end turntable makers Mo-Fi debut ‘entry-level’ turntable


Vinyl Shops in Köln

A colleague in Cologne, Germany, notified us of an article about the boom in the number of vinyl shops in Köln. We’ve visited a number of these and can say there are some great shops here catering to all different kinds of tastes.

However, our favorite is not in Cologne, but in… wait for it… Dusseldorf: Slowboy Records. Sorry Coellner!

And while we’re at it, we didn’t buy our Cologne stereo console at one of these shops, but there’s lots of second hand stuff available in Germany.