Record Swap History

Record Swap History
Record Swap History

As a student in Champaign from 1988 to 1992, I can’t actually recall going to Record Swap since I was studying all the time (wink, wink). However, since I’ve been reintroduced to Champaign the last five years, I’ve visited the store almost every time that I’m in town. Record Swap has become a regular go to.

When I got back into vinyl, I did a lot of my base collection acquisition at Record Swap. I got to know the owner, Bob, a bit. I explored the spoken word collection, soundtracks and everything in between.

Therefore, it was with much sadness that I just found out that they are moving and at worst ditching the physical storefront. Quelle Dommage!!

Here’s an article explaining the details and some historical information about Record Swap in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Big Clothing Embraces Hipsters

Our “friends” at North Face are embracing the full hipster trend of vinyl. Do we need more big box brands embracing something that used to be organic? I’ll let that question breathe for a while.

TNF just released two limited edition records bags to carry around your vinyl while biking from gig to gig.  Good luck with that, DJ Pauly D.

The North Face is releasing two limited edition record bags


Sony begins pressing vinyl again

Sony announced that they will start pressing vinyl again after a 28 year hiatus. While this is another indication of the trend away from lame services like iTunes, it’s also a sign of the #cashgrab times. Will this be just another lamestream media company grabbing for the cash or really the sign of peak popularity, like when your grandparents joined facebook?