Rosita Box 270 HiFi Speakers

Rosita Box 270 HiFi

We acquired 2 Rosita Box 270 HiFi Speakers with the purchase of the Rosita KL 3800 stereo. If you want to know why we spent time restoring these, check out these very similar speakers going for a meaningful paycheck portion. They arrived in a very tired condition as you can see in the following picture.

To bring these speakers back to life, we started with 60 grit sandpaper to take any remaining polyurethane and the stain off the speaker. Wood based boxes for things like speakers and stereo consoles are typically MDF covered with a thin wood veneer. This is much more sustainable consuming less wood and better shape maintenance since there’s no warping like with pure wood.

Now that the Rosita Box 270 HiFi Speakers are finished, we’ve looking for a few more like this to make available to you, our fans.