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Bonnie asked 5 years ago

I have purchased a Drexel declaration Stereo/TV console that I want to gut and upgrade the turntable. The box are for turntable is 14 3/8″ x 15″. Was wondering if you have any recommendations for a turntable that will fit in this space.

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HiFi Clinic Staff answered 5 years ago

Wanting a stereo console turntable replacement is a fairly common request for us. We typically advise against replacing the original turntable if the desire is to upgrade to something better.

Those original turntables can relatively easily be fixed or replaced with another original. We usually put a new needle and cartridge in no matter the condition. The typical problem is a burned out motor, bruised idler wheel or dried grease around the platter.

If you are trying to upgrade for audio quality, the replacement will be more than just the turntable. Here’s someone who did a full renovation and showing all the effort that needs to go into such a project.

So ask yourself what your motivation is for the console turntable replacement and what level of effort you are willing to pay for. See our guidelines for why you would want a stereo console.