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Gil asked 5 years ago

I’ve been wanting to get into stereo console restoration and repair and wanted some tips on where I can started as far as education?

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HiFi Clinic Staff answered 5 years ago

Here’s our secret stereo console restoration resources for getting started in the world of stereo restoration!  There’s a lot of different things to know and tools to have on hand, but we recommend starting with the bare minimum until you are sure that this is something for you.

We got started learning by reading answers at
And watching a few youtube videos.  I think if you start with Phil’s Old Radio site above, then use YouTube, you will be hooked in no time.
Here’s also a list of items that we use in our clinic.  A good multimeter that measures capacitance is a critical tool for debugging. Don’t skimp on the multimeter in your stereo console restoration resources!  Make sure that it measures capacitance.
Good luck!