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Ellen asked 5 years ago

My father had a beautiful 2950s Grundig Stereo he brought home to the US. He is moving to assisted living and we would like it to go to a good home. Would you be interested in buying it or know someone who might? Happy to send some pictures if interested! Located in Arizona.

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HiFi Clinic Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Ellen,

We would love to buy Grundig stereo Arizona!  The main issue is our ability to store them all for eventual processing.  Therefore, we are picky with the quality that we buy and always like some detailed pictures and the backstory of when it was acquired and how it was cared for over the years.

Another thing to be aware of is that shipping with a standard service is not cost effective. We use private shippers that circle the country with bespoke shipping services. This usually costs $200-$350 depending on where the item is and where it’s headed to. So understand why we usually offer less than $100 for any stereo.  Here’s our guide for how much a stereo console is worth to someone like us.

If we won’t buy Grundig stereo Arizona, there likely is someone local like our friends at Audio Archaeology here in Chicago.

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